Dyeing times are taking up to two weeks.



Q: What is your turn around on dyeing?

A: Right now, it's about 2 weeks. Please check here, as I will update the time if need be.

Q: How long will it be to ship my order is it's in stock?

A: It can take up to 3 days. I'll try my best to get it shipped as soon as possible

Q: Do you do custom dyeing or sizing?

A: Right now I'm not able to. 

Q: Are your fabrics and floss colorfast?

A: They should be but I don't guarantee that they are, especially the dark color pieces. Please take this into consideration when washing. The dye is permanent (procion fiber reactive) but on dark fabrics there could be residual dye left on the fabric. You can wash it again in cold water and a mild detergent before stitching on it if you're worried about color transfer.

Q: Which fabric dyes the darkest/lightest?

A: Linen will always dye darker/more vibrant than any cross stitch fabric, then aida (14ct darkest, 20ct, 16ct, & 18ct dyeing lightest), followed by evenweave fabrics (usually not 100% natural fiber) dyeing the lightest. All opals will dye about 10% lighter because of the opalescent thread woven through it. 

Q: Why doesn't my fabric look like the picture on the website?

A: There could be many reasons, but usually it's because you chose a different type of fabric than what's pictured. It can also be the way the dye strikes the fabric, so the pattern will always be different from one piece to another.

Q: Why is my fabric smaller then what the descriptions says?

A: Sizes are prior to the dyeing process. There will always be some shrinkage. Keep in mind that the stitch count of the fabric will never change. A 10x10 inch16ct aida has a stitch count of 160x160. After that same 16ct aida piece is washed it might be 9x9 inch but the stitch count is still 160x160.

Q: Do I start my project any differently when using hand dyed fabric?

A: It just depends on how you start your piece. If you start in the middle, then nothing changes. If you start from a corner, I suggest that you come in by stitches instead of inches because of the shrinkage that occurs during dyeing. So if your hand dyed piece is 16ct and you come in 3 inches, then you would need to come in 48 stitches. You just need to multiple the fabric count by the amount of inches you come in. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.


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